What are they up to now?

In all the years of Black Sabbath, there’s been a lot of folks that have been in the band in some capacity. There’s quite a few of them to keep track of, and it occurred to me during the month of December that I should take stock of everyone, and see what they’re all up to. There’s a few that was not able to find information on, so if you know what’s going on with them, please let me know. Likewise, if you spot an error, let me know that, too.
I don’t plan on following up on everyone that’s ever guested in some capacity on a Sabbath album (Rick Wakeman, Brian May, IceT), things of that nature. Just folks who were considered members of Sabbath, even if it was for just a short while.
So without further ado, here’s my “What are they up to now” story for January of 2005. I’ll be going in alphabetical order by surname.

Don Airey:
With Sabbath: Keyboardist on 1978’s Never Say Die! album.
Currently: Don is the keyboardist for Deep Purple, and just finished a world tour for their 2003 release, “Bananas”. Deep Purple is supposed to be recording a new album in 2005.
Home Page: http://www.donairey.com.

Vinny Appice:
With Sabbath: Drummer from 1980-1982 and again from 1991-1992.
Currently: Last I heard, Vinny had reformed one of his former bands, World War III with former Dio/Rainbow bassist Jimmy Bain. This was during the summer of 2004, so I’m not sure if that info is still current or not. Also appears to be involved with a project called the Hollywood All-Stars, which includes Carlos Cavazo (ex Quiet Riot) & Jeff Pilson (Dio/Dokken).
Home Page: http://www.vinnyappice.com.

Bev Bevan:
With Sabbath: Was the drummer for the Born Again Tour in 1983. Was also around briefly in 1987, and was credited as “percussionist” on the 1987 release “The Eternal Idol”.
Currently: Bev appears to have recently been involved in a reformation of the classic 60’s/70’s band “The Move“. Additionally, he’s got his own band called “The Bev Bevan Band. The most recent tourdate I could find for the Bev Bevan Band was November 4, 2004.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Mike Bordin:
With Sabbath: Was the drummer for the Ozzfest 97 tour. Was also announced as the drummer for Ozzfest 2004 before tour promoter Sharon Osbourne and Bill Ward came to terms on a contract.
Currently: Mike has been Ozzy’s solo band drummer for awhile now, being in and out of the band over the last few years. The last I heard of him, he was announced as the drummer for Black Sabbath for Ozzfest 2004, but after Bill Ward came back, I haven’t heard anything else (except that he likely got paid for the tour anyway, even though he didn’t play).
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Joe Burt:
With Sabbath: Was the bassist for the short lived Eternal Idol tour in November and December of 1987.
Currently: I have no idea where to find information on Joe Burt. If you have any, please let me know. Might be involved with a band called “Xit18“, but I’m not sure if it’s the same Joe Burt or not.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Geezer Butler:
With Sabbath: Bassist and founding member of Black Sabbath, left in 1984, returned in 1991, left in 1994, returned in 1997.
Currently: Geezer was on tour with Black Sabbath for Ozzfest 2004, and is currently finishing up work on his third solo album Ohmwork, which he expects to release early in 2005.
Home Page: http://www.geezerbutler.com, but it’s been “Coming soon” for a couple of years now.

Terry Chimes:
With Sabbath: Drummer for Black Sabbath from Summer of 1987 through the spring of 1988, played during the Eternal Idol tour, and some other oddball live dates in 1987 and 1988.
Currently: “Dr. Terry Chimes” as he’s now known, has been retired from music for some time, and has been a Chiropractor in London England since 1994.
Home Page: I don’t believe Terry has a home page in the classic sense of the word, but his medical practice has a home page, you can get to it here.

Gordon Copley:
With Sabbath: Gordon was involved during the early days of the Seventh Star project as bassist. Sabbath ended up using Dave Spitz as their bassist, but Gordon does appear on the final Seventh Star album, playing bass on the song “No Stranger to Love”.
Currently: Unknown – I have no idea what he’s up to.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Laurence Cottle:
With Sabbath: Laurence was a session bass player, and he was the bassist on 1989’s Headless Cross album. He also appears in the video for the song “Headless Cross”.
Currently: Laurence is playing with Bill Bruford, in Bill’s band “Earthworks”. Laurence is also playing with his own “Big Band” concept (17 musicians).
Home Page: http://www.laurencecottle.com.

Bob Daisley:
With Sabbath: Bob played bass on the 1987 release “The Eternal Idol”.
Currently: Bob has been mostly been involved with the Living Loud project. He’s also appeared on Gary Moore’s 2004 album “Power of The Blues”, and supported it with some live dates. Additionally, Bob made an appearance on the Voodooland project.
Home Page: http://www.bobdaisley.com.

Ronnie James Dio:
With Sabbath: Ronnie was with Sabbath from 1979 through 1982, and again from 1991-1992. Was responsible for an absolute masterpice of an album, “Heaven & Hell”.
Currently: Ronnie has completed the US tour for his 2004 release, “Master of the Moon”. There’s a live date scheduled for Puerto Rico in Feburary, but beyond that, I don’t think he’s doing much but taking a break right now. He has said he’s supposed to work on a charity project in 2005 which will benefit Children of the Night a child rescue charity.
Home Page: http://www.ronniejamesdio.com.

Dave Donato:
With Sabbath: Dave was briefly hired to be vocalist for Black Sabbath during the summer of 1984, but Sabbath and he parted company after a short public period where he was known to be Sabbath’s singer.
Currently: I believe Dave has stopped working on music, and works at a motorcycle shop in Anaheim, California.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Ian Gillan:
With Sabbath: Ian was the vocalist in Sabbath during 1983 and 1984. He is on the Born Again album, and toured behind that album.
Currently: Ian is the vocalist for Deep Purple, and just finished a world tour for their 2003 release, “Bananas”. Deep Purple is supposed to be recording a new album in 2005.
Home Page: http://www.gillan.com.

Ray Gillen:
With Sabbath: Ray was the vocalist in Sabbath during 1986 and part of 1987. He stepped in for Glenn Hughes on the Seventh Star tour, and then recorded the Eternal Idol album, but left before it was released.
Currently: Ray died of AIDS related complications on December 3, 1993.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Rob Halford:
With Sabbath: Rob has sung vocals for Black Sabbath on three dates – Nov 14 & 15, 1992 and Aug 26, 2004.
Currently: Rob was out on tour with Judas Priest on Ozzfest 2004 this past year. The first new Judas Priest album with Rob Halford (Angel of Retribution) is due to be released in Feb 2005, followed by touring with Priest.
Home Page: http://www.robhalford.com.

Glenn Hughes:
With Sabbath: Glenn sang vocals on the Seventh Star album, and started the tour, but parted company with Sabbath after only a handful of gigs.
Currently: Glenn is currently recording in England with Tony Iommi for Tony’s new solo album due in 2005. Glenn also has a new solo album due out early in 2005 called “Soul Mover”.
Home Page: http://www.glennhughes.com.

Tony Iommi:
With Sabbath: Uh, everything?! :)
Currently: Tony is currently in England recording a new solo album due for release in 2005.
Home Page: http://www.iommi.com.

Ron Keel:
With Sabbath: Nothing officially. Depending on who you talk to, Ron either was or wasn’t hired as vocalist during a time in the Summer of 1984.
Currently: Involved in a band called Iron Horse. Also played country music for awhile under the name “Ronnie Lee Keel”.
Home Page: http://www.ronkeel.com.

Tony Martin:
With Sabbath: Was vocalist for Sabbath from 1987 through 1991 and again from 1993 through 1996. Sang on 6 albums (5 studio, 1 live).
Currently: Finishing up his second solo album named “Scream” for release in 2005. Also will be touring with his Whole Lotta Metal project in March & April, and also will be recording a new “Empire” album with Rolf Munkees.
Home Page: http://www.tonymartin.net.

Neil Murray:
With Sabbath: Was bassist from 1989 through 1991, and again in 1995-1996.
Currently: Currently playing bass in the Queen “We Will Rock You” stage show in the UK. Also plays from time to time with M3 Classic Whitesnake. Will be on the new Empire album by Rolf Munkees this summer.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Geoff Nicholls:
With Sabbath: Sabbath keyboardist from 1980 through 2001. Also handled backup vocals and rhythm guitar in live concerts.
Currently: Unknown. Was not asked to participate on Ozzfest 2004. Last I heard he was working on writing soundtrack music, but for what, I don’t know. Was on the fall release of Tony Iommi’s solo album “The 1996 DEP Sessions”. I believe he’s on the new Tony Martin solo album due in the spring of 2005.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Ozzy Osbourne:
With Sabbath: Sabbath vocalist from inception in the late 60’s through 1979. Again from 1997 till current.
Currently: Toured with Black Sabbath during Ozzfest 2004. Is currently finishing up work on his 4 CD box set due in the spring entitled “The Prince of Darkness”. Also is currently on MTV with the new and final season of “The Osbournes”. Finally, Ozzy is working on a Tsunami Aid single (with many others) to be released early in 2005.
Home Page: http://www.ozzy.com.

Cozy Powell:
With Sabbath: Cozy was Sabbath’s drummer from 1988 through 1991, and again in 1995.
Currently: Cozy died in a car crash April 5, 1998.
Home Page: http://www.cozypowell.com.

Bobby Rondinelli:
With Sabbath: Bobby was Sabbath’s drummer from 1993-1994 and again in 1995.
Currently: Bobby is involved with his current band The Lizards.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Eric Singer:
With Sabbath: Eric was Sabbath’s drummer from 1985 through 1987 and appears on the Seventh Star & Eternal Idol albums.
Currently: Eric was most recently on tour with Kiss as their drummer, and is currently filling in on the skins for the band “Union“.
Home Page: http://www.eric-singer.com.

Dave Spitz:
With Sabbath: Dave was Sabbath’s bassist from 1985 through 1987. He appears on the Seventh Star album, and is credited as being on Eternal Idol, even though he’s not on it.
Currently: Dave Spitz is involved with Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden in the McBrain Damage project. Additionally, he’s in a band called Deepset, and he’s also a lawyer in the South Florida area as well.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Adam Wakeman:
With Sabbath: Adam played keyboards during the Ozzfest 2004 tour.
Currently: Adam has been working on some tracks for the new Ozzy box set due in Spring of 2005.
Home Page: http://www.adamwakeman.com.

Dave Walker:
With Sabbath: Dave was Ozzy’s first replacement as vocalist in late 1977, early 1978. Worked on the Never Say Die album, but never appeared on it. Did play live once on TV with Sabbath.
Currently: No idea what he’s up to. Last I heard, he had retired from music, but I can’t confirm that.
Home Page: None that I’m aware of.

Bill Ward:
With Sabbath: Founding drummer in Black Sabbath from inception till 1980. Was in and out of the band several times over the next 14 years or so, until finally settling back for good behind the skins in late 1997.
Currently: Bill is working on finishing up his third solo album “Beyond Aston”. He’s also helping out several charities by selling copies of single (“Straws”) on his website.
Home Page: http://www.billward.com.

Jezz Woodruffe:
With Sabbath: Jezz was Sabbath’s keyboardist from late 1975 through 1977.
Currently: Jezz released a new album in 2004 entitled “In Through the Swing Door”, which is a swing Jazz cover album of Led Zeppelin songs.
Home Page: http://www.jezzwoodruffe.com.

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