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When the Tigers Broke Free

I’ve been a Pink Floyd fan for a very long time. I bought the Wall when it was new, which was right around the time I started High School. As a kid when this was new, that album was very influential in my musical landscape. I’d heard of Pink Floyd before, but it wasn’t until […]

Bill Ward’s Audio Diaries now as a podcast

A recent trend in online audio publication is that of podcasting. Podcasting is where you subscribe to an rss feed like you would any other rss news feed. The difference with a podcast feed is that it will pull down media – in this case Bill’s audio diaries! It’s called podcasting, as it originted with […]

Bill Ward Checks in with another audio Diary Entry

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has checked in with another entry in his 2005 Audio Diary series. Available now over at his Official Website, this latest entry covers such topics as: * – Touring in Germany, and the hospitality there * – Thoughts on his own drumming – and some problems he had playing the […]

Small delay this week

Hey gang. Thanks for all the reviewsa and photos sent in from the tour so far. Early this week I’m going to be a little behind – I have a big project going on at work, and I have to take care of that. Paycheck’s gotta come first, ya know. But please continue to send […]

Listen to full track from Tony Iommi’s New Album

Tony Iommi’s new album comes out next month, but you can (legally) check out a full track from it right now. Visit Tony Iommi’s Official site at, and you can hear the whole of Dopamine, which is the first track from Iommi right now! You can discuss this track here on our forums.

Neil Murray to go under the knife

Former Black Sabbath bassist Neil Murray will be having surgery next month for carpal tunnel syndrome. Tony Iommi had the same thing some years ago, had the operation, and came through it fine – so here’s to hoping all goes well for Mr. Murray. Here’s something Neil wrote himself about the situation: M3 bassist Neil […]

Bill Ward’s Second Audio Diary Available

Over at Bill Ward’s Official site, the second in his audio diary series has been posted! Bill has phoned in from England with the latest entry. Recorded today the 10th of June, this new diary touches on several topics, including.. * – Tour rehearsals, the start of tour, and Bill’s recalls of the gigs that […]

Tony Iommi Fused Update

I wanted to say a few things about next month’s release of Tony Iommi’s third solo album, “Fused“. I received my promo copy of Fused from Tony’s management earlier this week, and it’s been in my CD player(s) almost non stop. For awhile now we’ve seen quotes from Tony saying that he’s really excited about […]

Photos from Monday Night’s Warmup Gig Available

Since I first posted the review of the Sabbath warmup gig in Aylesbury on Monday night, I’ve gotten a couple of batches of pictures from the show. They’re online now, and you can check them out via this link in our photo gallery. Special thanks to Neil Hodgkins & George Pouftsis for sending them in […]

Geezer Butler and iTunes

As you should know by now, Geezer’s new album Ohmwork is out. You should already have bought your copy by now. But in case you didn’t, I wanted to take a moment and let you know that it is available electronically via Apple’s iTunes music store. You can reach Ohmwork directly by clicking here. However, […]