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The Devil You Know Track Listing

I just received an email from Rhino records with some news that you are going to want to hear. It contains the official track listing for the forthcoming album, “The Devil You Know”, due April 28th. So without further adieu, here is the official track listing, premiered first on the Internet here at Black Sabbath […]

Paranoid 3 Disc Release

Remember that 3 disc Paranoid release that’s been stopped about a dozen times or more at the last minute before it comes out? Well, in the last two days it’s popped up again. Yet again, I approached Iommi management about it, and inquired as to the status this time. This time I’m told that it […]

Win an Autographed Copy of “The Devil You Know”

Last week, it was announced that the new album is called “The Devil You Know”, and the release date is going to be April 28th. In the formal press release that came out, two things were not included. One was a track list, and the other was cover art. So that brings me to my […]

After Forever Cover by Bio Hazard

Could it be you’re afraid of what your friends might say If they knew you believe in God above? They should realize before they criticize that God is the only way to love. 15 years ago a cover album came out called “Nativity in Black”, and it was (in my opinion) a pretty decent record. […]

“The Devil You Know” Formal Press Release

Here is the formal press release from Rhino about the new album, “The Devil You Know”. I was hoping for a proper track listing, but it’s not on here. I was told that the cover art is not completed yet, so it can’t be released – and I still cannot find out who is playing […]

The New Album is dated and named! [ UPDATED ]

I’ll just get right to it, since you don’t want to her me run on.. The name of the new Black Sabbath album is “The Devil You Know”. It is supposed to be released on April 28th from Rhino records. I picked up this news this morning from this story over at the website […]

Moscow Tickets Available

Just got word that tickets for the two Moscow gigs at the B-1 Club on May 30 and 31 are now available for purchase. You can buy them here and here. As with any gig on the tour, if you have a ticket stub, get a scan of the thing, and email it to me, […]

More Official 2009 Tour Dates

Just a few minutes ago I got sent a further updated list of dates for 2009. Here they are below (which also include the dates I posted yesterday). May 5 Colombia, Bogota May 7 Argentina, Buenos Aires, Luna Park May 8 Chile, Santiago, Movistar Arena May 10 Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Chevrolet Hall May 13 Brazil, […]

Official 2009 Tour Dates Available

Well, last week I was told that the list of dates out there were not exactly official. Today I was sent a list of the first batch of dates for the forthcoming tour for the new album by band management. NEW ALBUM! – That still sounds really cool to me (given it’ll be almost 14 […]

Live at Hammersmith Owners List

As you probably remember, in May of 2007, Rhino records released a rather limited edition live album by Black Sabbath called “Live at Hammersmith“. There were only 5,000 copies sold in all, and each one was individually numbered. I’ve been compiling a list of owners of the thing on my site, and as of right […]