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May 19 Warmup Gig in Birmingham

An additional live show has been announced this morning. Black Sabbath will play what’s being called “A Warmup Gig” on May 19th in Birmingham, England at the O2 Academy.  The warmup being for the Download Festival in early June.   They’re playing the O2 Academy.  At this time, there’s no word as to whether there […]

The Southern Cross Band Info

In about two and a half weeks, it will be the two year anniversary of the death of Ronnie James Dio.  Ronnie’s life has touched numerous musicians and fans.  A lot of people continue to mourn the loss of Ronnie.   Some of his final band members toured under the moniker of “Dio Disciples” late […]

The Old Mailing List

If any of you were on the old mailing list – going way back to 1997..  I was wondering if perhaps you might remember this.. Back then we were bemoaning the fact that every tribute or compilation album was full of just tracks from the Ozzy era, and we were looking to push some of […]

Some Cool Acoustic Fan Video

In my travels running this site, I see a lot of videos of people playing Black Sabbath songs.  Some are good.  Some are crap.  Every once in awhile one pops up that is to me head and shoulders above the rest.  Ran into the latter tonight.  This guy posted one of his videos on the […]

Quartz cover of “Heaven & Hell”

A week ago I got an email from one of the guys in Quartz about a video they posted from their reunion show late last year.  This one is their tribute to Dio, they played the track “Heaven & Hell”.  What’s interesting about that is that Geoff Nicholls was one of the originators of the […]


A few weeks ago, I posted a Tony Iommi tribute video, and I was asked what the song on there was.   As was noted in the comments, the track is called “Miranha”, and it was recorded around 1990 during the time of the Tyr sessions.  It’s a track that was created for a compilation […]

1986 Metal Mix Tape

When I started this new site format, one of the things I intended on doing was putting a few more personal kinds of posts on here.  Ones that have some sort of relevance to the site.  That’s what this is.   A non Sabbath post that I thought would be of interest. Anyway, tonight I […]

The “one” US Date has been announced least I’m pretty sure it’s that one.  When Tony got sick, and they had to cancel the European dates, they said they’d still play the Download Festival, and one (then) unannounced US date.  About an hour ago from this post, it was announced that Black Sabbath will play the Lollapolooza (WTF) festival on August 3-5 in […]