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Noticed this morning that several Black Sabbath CD’s are on sale at  Given it’s an internet sale, there’s been a rush on them, and some might not be in stock at the moment, but Amazon is still taking orders at the discounted price.  So if you need a new copy, or just want another […]

Cool 13 posters

I got an email with some really cool looking photos of a slick 13 promotion.   This is more a thing around Europe than here in the States where I am.  In Europe I always see pictures of band posters on the walls in public.  Don’t nearly see that as much here, but I’m familiar […]

13 Giveaway Winners

I just realized that I totally neglected to post the winning answers and those who won the contest!   I mailed them out on Monday afternoon (even tweeted on the way to the post office), but forgot to even email people and tell them that they won!   One guy only lives an hour or […]

13 is here!

After what seems like an eternity, the 13 album is now out worldwide.   If you’re reading this, you probably have it.  Let us know below what you think of the album.  Where did you buy your copy? For more info on 13, including pictures, videos, and trivia, check out my “13 page” elsewhere on […]

13 Cake

Got this sent to me in email this afternoon.  Thought it was cool, so I’d post it online.  Sabbath fan Anthony Roof got a Black Sabbath cake from his wife.  I’ve attached his story with the picture.  Check ’em out, and you’ve got a keeper there, Anthony!  :)

Comments on “13” Packaging

Today I received a box in the mail from a rather kind benefactor that contained a bunch of copies of the Deluxe Edition of “13” as well as a vinyl copy of the album for myself.  I intend on giving away the majority of the copies of the CD in the next couple of days, […]

The Giveaway is on!

Check out this quick video I posted to Vine.    I’ll be running a giveaway for “13” shortly, but I’m about to start work.  When I’m done with that, I’ll get a contest up.  Probably late tonight.   I’ll also summarize my thoughts on various aspects of the thing now that I have physical media […]

From Queensryche to Queensryche

UPDATE: If you go to the bottom of the page, you can listen to a FULL ALBUM stream now.  :) In the last site redesign, I said that from time to time, I’d write something about music that isn’t directly related to Black Sabbath, and today is one of those posts.  I’m here to write […]

Listen to all of “13” for Free!

LEGALLY, TOO! Short and sweet.  The iTunes store is streaming the entire “13” album for free.  Go there, and look at the “Black Sabbath” page, and you can listen to a free streaming version of the entire Deluxe Edition of the “13” album now. THE STREAM APPEARS ON THE ARTIST PAGE FOR BLACK SABBATH NOT […]