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Jun 30 #listentoall

Not in the mood to listen to what's next on the #listentoall project – I'm skipping that and I'm going with 13. :)— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 30, 2013 I listened to the Adam Sandler track a couple of times on this one.  Not a big Sandler fan, but this made me laugh. […]

An Interview with Me

Recently I conducted an interview with Michael Anthony (no, not that one) of the site “Words and Music”, a website that does interviews with people like Michael Schenker, Scott Ian, Berie Torme, etc..  Well, he decided I was a worthy subject, and this morning published an interview with me.   His interview series has some […]

June 28 #listentoall

Oddly enough the only thing I listened to this day.  Spent most of the day with baseball instead of music.  :) Next up on the #listentoall project – The @tonyiommi & Ian Gillan "WhoCares" Full CD:— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 28, 2013

Jun 27 & 26 #listentoall

Just finished Giuntini IV. Makes me wish Tony Martin was still in Sabbath. Playing again. #listentoall— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 28, 2013 Next up on the #listentoall project: Giuntini Project IV w/Tony Fuckin' Martin on vocals!— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 27, 2013 Next up on #listentoall – "We Wish you a […]

Jun 25 #listentoall

I ended up listening to Magica DE 3x back to back to back while writing the review. @OfficialRJDio #listentoall— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June 26, 2013 Realized I owed the folks at @OfficialRJDio a review of Magica Dlx, so I'm onto that now on my #listentoall project –— Black Sabbath Online (@sabbathfans) June […]

Magica Deluxe Edition Review

Magica is an album I’ve written about on my site many times before.  I’ve always felt it was an under appreciated album.    What’s weird about this, the lone official “concept” album in the Dio catalogue is that it doesn’t work for me as a concept album.  Never has.   To this day, I have […]

Jun 24 #listentoall

Probably the last tonight on the #listentoall project – Thin Lizzy's "Dedication:The Best of":— Black Sabbath Online (@blacksabbathweb) June 25, 2013 Next up on the #listentoall project: The "Cars" soundtrack: (I listened to about 1/3 of the Bach thing)— Black Sabbath Online (@blacksabbathweb) June 25, 2013 Next Up on my #listentoall project: A […]

My Twitter Feed

Something I’ve been thinking about for awhile now I’ve gone ahead and done.  I’ve changed my twitter account name.  For the longest time I’ve operated under “blacksabbathweb”.   When I first grabbed the name it was a quick and dirty request, something I didn’t put a lot of thought into.  As the majority of what […]

Queen / Freddy Mercury Blu-Ray Release

21 years ago there was a really badass concert held in memory of then recently deceased Freddy Mercury of Queen.   The three surviving members played with a host of other guest stars for a medley of Queen hits over the years.   I remember watching this when it was new – and in fact, […]

The Mezmerist Surfaces

As anyone who actually follows the FULL history of Black Sabbath will know, the 80’s can best be described as unstable.  In that decade by my count, there were seven different lead vocalists, six bassists, and five drummers.  Heck Bill Ward himself came and left a couple of times.  It’s during one of those times […]