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Happy 20th, Cross Purposes!

Today is January 31, 2014.  That means that 20 years ago, it was Jan 31, 1994.    And on that date, came the penultimate studio Black Sabbath album in the Tony Martin era of the band, Cross Purposes! I’m not doing a full retrospective, because I’m a bit too busy to write about it on […]

Black Sabbath WINS Grammy!

Congrats to Black Sabbath for winning the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for “God is Dead?”.. Congrats to Best Metal Performance "God Is Dead?" Black Sabbath #GRAMMYs #PreTelecast— The GRAMMYs (@TheGRAMMYs) January 27, 2014 MORE GRAMMY COVERAGE That bit above was a quick post right after they won.  There was a lot of other […]

Bill Ward receives Legend Award

Last night was the “Bonzo Bash” Jam at the NAMM show in Santa Ana, California.    It’s a collection of drummers who get together for a theme – that being to celebrate the late John Bonham.  However, that’s not all that happened.   They also gave Bill Ward a “Legend Award” at the show, too.

Ozzy Era on US iTunes – FINALLY!

I’ve been doing this site for a long time, and one of the biggest complaints I’ve seen is “Why isn’t the 70’s Ozzy era available on iTunes?”  Well, it actually has been in the UK/Europe for awhile, but not in the United States/North America.  I’ll have a sidenote on the US vs UK stuff later […]

New Tony Martin in 2014?

Something I’ve been wanting for ages..  A new Tony Martin album.  Tony’s quite prolific, but appears on everyone else’s projects.  His actual solo output has been just two albums.  One in 1992, when Sabbath was doing the Dehumanizer album.  The other in 2005.   He’s approaching Tom Scholz/Boston level of delays for new material.  :) […]

Neil Murray & Space Elevator

Neil Murray, the man who has been in so many projects, has a new one to add to his ever larger list of them.  This one is called “Space Elevator”, and they have a debut album out in March.  I don’t know a whole lot about it, I just found out about it myself recently. […]