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Holiday Gift Guide

The annual holiday season is upon us again, and no matter what you celebrate (or don’t) – it’s likely someone you know will be in need of a gift this holiday season. I wanted to point out a few recent things that any Sabbath fan would enjoy getting.

More Interviews

Another update, another interview it seems. This time it’s one with Tony Iommi over at Classic Rock Revisited, and it asks him about the DEP Sessions album, a new Sabbath album, the usual things Tony gets asked about. Here’s some bits from the full interview… Jeb: Is there any chance these will end up being […]

Another Tony Martin Update

Next up is an update from the Official Tony Martin website in which he talks about various topics from his new solo album to Black Sabbath and the band Candlemass. Here’s some bits from that… The new Tony Martin album is comin on nicely, I’ve decided to keep the first issue limited to 2000 copies. […]

Update on Tony Martin

Over the weekend, I saw a post online saying there was a new Tony Martin solo album due shortly. I decided to look into it, and I emailed Tony to ask what was going on. He replied with the following email (which he was kind enough to let me post online). From: “Tony Martin” [address […]

This site now has Web Forums!

I’ve been asked about this for a long time now, and I’ve finally gone and opened forums on my website. As I detailed a few issues ago when I posted a preliminary version of my forum rules, I do not intend nor will I allow it to become the wasteland of mental zeroes that unfortunately […]

Random Short Bits

A few random news bits.. There’s a new Dio DVD on the way, this one to include all the promo videos he did during his time on Warner Bros records (that ended with Strange Highways). No word on release date yet. I’ve had a few emails saying the Black & Blue DVD release is back […]