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Jimmy Kimmel Live

Rob Dwyer over at had a very cool story to tell tonight. He got a phone call to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a trivia contest with Ozzy. Funny thing is I got the same phone call – but I was unable to attend, as I have personal matters to deal with regarding […]

Geezer Butler’s Ohmwork Is out, plus Journal Update

I neglected to mention this yesterday, but Geezer Butler’s new album is out! Ohmwork was released yesterday, and should be available in your local store. If not, there’s plenty of online alternatives to purchase the latest disc by GZR. Here’s some links for you to buy it.. iTunes There’s some samples from Ohmwork […]

Tony Iommi’s “Fused” Cover Art Released

Today we can bring you the cover art to Tony Iommi’s third solo album, “Fused“. Posted to Tony’s official site, we have a copy here for you to check out: The cover art was designed by Hugh Gilmour, who has also done work for some other heavyweights in the music industry. Some examples are Deep […]

Live 1969 Recording “Unearthed”

There was a rather interesting developemnt in the live recording department recently. Robert Dwyer, whom I’ve worked with a lot on tour date history, posted a very intersting story to his site. I’m not going to bother commenting on it for now, I’ll just let you read his words.. ———— EARLIEST KNOWN LIVE RECORDING OF […]

How Black was our Sabbath in Paperback

Folks who regularly read my site know that I pushed awhile back for you to buy the book “How Black Was our Sabbath: A View From the Crew”. It’s a wonderful book on the early history of Black Sabbath from some of the guys that lived it with the band – the tour crew. This […]

Fused Press Release

Today I noticed that the Official Tony Iommi site had posted the Sanctuary Records Press release for “Fused”. I’m copying it here. You’ve probably seen this around the net already, but as I’m still catching up, I wanted to make sure I had it posted on my site as well. :) BLACK SABBATH AXE-SLINGER JOINED […]

Tony Iommi Updates

Since I’ve been away doing the parent thing, there’s been some cool updates from Tony Iommi. First is that his third solo album has a name. It’s “Fused”. It’s to be released on Sanctuary on July 12th. The band lineup is Tony on guitars, Glenn Hughes on vocals and bass, and Kenny Aronoff on drums. […]

Bill Ward’s Audio Diary available

Bill Ward has left the States to head to England for rehearsals for the European Black Sabbath shows and Ozzfest. As a present, Bill has recorded an audio diary for you, his website visitor. The diary talks about a bevy of topics. Some of the topics he talks about are: Bill’s radio show Rock 50, […]

Twenty Questions with Geezer

There’s a very amusing and extremely entertaining interview with Geezer over at the Metal Sludge website now. It’s quite good and several things will probably make you laugh out loud. Here’s a few samples from the entire interview: Q: There must be a million Black Sabbath tribute albums out there. Have you ever listened to […]

Geezer Butler Ohmwork Single Now Out there

The first single from Ohmwork has been released to radio and is available to your local radio station right now. The song is “I Believe”. You can download a 30 second sample of this song here. This single will not be released commercially, it’s only available to radio. However, several radio stations are playing it […]