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Get smart about Spam, please

If you visit this website, or you have my email addresses in your address book, would you please do some virus scanning on your system? The reason is that I’m getting innundated with email virus bombs, on the order of 2,000 msgs a day. Someone (or multiple people) out there have my Sabbath mail and […]

Geezer Butler releases 1986 Demo Track

Over on the Official Geezer Butler Website, Geezer has released “a special Christmas Present” for everyone. It’s an mp3 of a track recorded originally back in 1986 as “The Geezer Butler Band”. The track name is ‘Computer God’ which should be familiar to Black Sabbath fans. Here’s a few factoids about the song: The band […]

Jamie Mallender’s Tony Martin Tour Diary

A few weeks ago I posted a concert review, some remarks by Tony Martin, and some great pictures of a Tony Martin live gig. I’m here with a followup piece of news. Jamie Mallender, the bassist in Tony Martin’s solo band, as a tour diary online from the recent Tony Martin tour that was completed. […]

Black Sabbath Radio Shows

As has been previously announced several times, Bill Ward does a monthly radio show out of Cerritas College in California called “Rock 50“. It was also recently announced that Tony Iommi will start doing a weekly radio show in England at Planet Rock. I was also just informed that there’s another one. Former Black Sabbath […]

Ronnie James Dio is Dr. X!

You know, everyone has their list of “desert island” albums. Ones they’d take with them if they could only have them and no others. Back in 1988, one of these albums came out. It’s called Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche. This album is by far one of the best things I’ve ever heard. I knew it […]

Brian May on Black Sabbath

Back when Black Sabbath was inducted into the UK Hallf of Fame, they were introduced by Brian May of Queen. Brian is a long time friend of Tony Iommi’s, and Brian is the only other guitarist to ever appear on a Black Sabbath record (Brian does the guitar solo on When Death Calls from 1989’s […]

Winners of the Tony Martin Giveaway

I’m here to post the winners of the Tony Martin giveaway. These two folks have won a copy of Tony Martin’s Scream album. They are: William Devine of Arnold, MD Chris Lawless of Saugerties, NY The answers to the trivia questions: 1) Which Black Sabbath song did Tony cover on his first solo album? That […]

Tony Martin Tour

Over at Tony Martin’s Official Website, he had a tour report. This is what he had to say about his short tour having finished.. I’M BACK!!!!!!!!! What a tour!!!!! I gotta tell you this band is really cool!!! I know some seasoned musicians that would have CRUMBLED under the pressure!!!! But everyone pulled to-gether and […]