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Tony Iommi is on Twitter

Finally.  After several imposters popping up on Twitter, Tony’s probably had enough and decided to get his own foot in the water.  I have confirmed this is legitimate with Tony’s management.   If you’re on Twitter, head over to Tony’s twitter feed and follow him!

About Me

In the last couple of weeks I’ve come down with a pulled muscle in my neck that is made more painful if I do things that involve my hands.  Such as typing for any length of time, and playing videogames.   That’s why I’ve disappeared (somewhat).  When this clears up, I’ll be back, but I […]

RIP Jon Lord

Jon Lord, the former Deep Purple keyboardist has died at the age of 71 of pancreatic cancer.  He’d been ill for some time, but was not able to beat the cancer.  As I said on Twitter earlier today, “fuck cancer”.  Said it when Ronnie died, too.   Check the official news item from Jon’s site […]

New Tony Martin Interview

With all the stuff regarding the recent gigs and drama surrouding Mk I of Black Sabbath, it’s easy to forget the other members from the band’s history are up to things, too.  One of which is former singer Tony Martin.