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Tony Iommi Interview

Tony goes mainstream, eh? Being interviewed by CNN. :) Yesterday after I posted my update, several folks sent me a link to an interview with Tony Iommi on CNN. Here’s a few highlights: Q: I guess for most people, what defines the early Black Sabbath sound is your guitar and Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals. Over 30 […]

Tony Iommi Update

This report out today at Blabbermouth details some goings on with Tony Iommi, his first solo album, his new one, and… aw, I’ll just shut up now – you read it. :) BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi is currently working on the material for a new solo album, tentatively due sometime in 2005. Unlike his […]

Black Box is out!

Black Box is out, folks, go get it! As was said before, it’s a US/Canada only release. If you want it outside these areas, you’re going to have to import it. Rhino tells me there are no plans for it to be sold elsewhere. You can get more info on Black Box here.

Tony Martin’s Whole Lotta Metal

Tony Martin is doing a stage tour of the UK – the project is called “Whole Lotta Metal“. Here’s some info on it from a press release: For the first time ever you can hear all of the songs that shaped the way rock music has evolved today. From the raw power and unforgettable riffs […]

More on Black Box

The response to my review of the Black Box package on Friday has been outstanding. My web traffic has shot up almost 100% over the weekend (as if it wasn’t high enough already). I want to thank all who sent in feedback on it. I do have a few other things to point out. 1) […]

Main Page Poll

Over the weekend, I noticed that the poll on the main page got stuck. You couldn’t vote in it. The data files on the server got locked, and in “unsticking” them, I had to end the poll. I’ve put up a new one, so go give it a vote. The results of the stuck poll […]

Bill Ward Interview

Today I was wading through the couple of hundred emails I have stacked up, and someone had sent me a link to a totally badass interview with Bill Ward. I can’t remember if I posted this link before, so if I did, excuse me for that. Either way, it’s an awesome interview, and you should […]

Black Box Review

Got a surprise delivery today handed to me at work from Airborne Express. It’s my copy of the Black Box set. The final release version. Many moons ago I got copies of the CD’s from someone at Rhino so I could check out the new recordings, but now I have the final release set which […]

Rudy Sarzo Joins Dio

The incestuous relationship between the various “Black Sabbath solo bands” continues with the news that former Ozzy bassist Rudy Sarzo has joined Dio. Here’s a blurb from the official Dio site.. “We’re proud to welcome new bassist Rudy Sarzo to the Dio family. Rudy is known for his work in Quiet Riot, Whitesnake and Ozzy […]

Sacred Heart DVD Winners

Today I have the results of the recent Dio DVD giveaway. Here goes with the questions and the answers. 1) Which of these was the main stage prop on Dio’s Sacred Heart Tour? a) Two suit of armor wearing warriors b) Special drum riser c) A laser eyed, smoke belching dragon d) 6 inch high […]