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Live at Hammersmith appears to be shipping

I got a couple of emails from folks this morning saying this, and I myself just got the same email a few minutes ago. It appears Rhino has started shipping the “Black Sabbath: Live at Hammersmith” CD’s. The actual street date is May 1st, which is 5 days from now, so this is probably about […]

Winners of Dio Years Giveaway

I managed to wade through all the entries for the Dio Years giveaway this morning and picked out the winners. I’ve already contacted the winners via direct email, but is my custom, I post the winners and the answers I was looking for here as well. Congratulations to these folks: * Al Horta of Rahway, […]

Ozzy’s I Don’t Wanna Stop Single Info

Well, today was the day it was rumoured that the single for “I Don’t Wanna Stop” was going to come out. I still can’t find it anywhere, so I’m thinking that isn’t happening now. However, you can listen to the entire single if you want to play the “game” that is Ozzy’s website. Go to […]

Pre-Order Black Rain, get Free Ozzfest Tickets

While I’ve not found Black Rain available for pre-order at “conventional” online stores like, Sabbath fan James F. told me this morning about a link at the Sony Music Store for Black Rain. If you visit this site, you can pre-order the album direct from the record label. This pre-order will come with a […]

Info on Ozzy’s “Black Rain”

There was a press release issued by Ozzy’s offices today with info on his new album, which is due next month. The title of the album is “Black Rain”. It is due to be released May 22nd, and that is a worldwide release date – sort of. If you live outside the US/Canada, your specific […]

Thanks from Geezer

Geezer Butler has just posted a thank you to all the fans who turned up for the Canadian tour shows, as well as the NYC date and the in store signing. Go check out his site for his personal thank you message.

Win a Free Copy of The Dio Years!

It’s giveaway time again! Unless you’ve been living under a rock on another planet, you know that the new Dio Years compilation is out now, and that’s what I’m here to give away. I’ve got five copies of the Dio Years here that are being given away. I’m going to have a trivia contest like […]

The Dio Years is out!

The Dio Years is out now. It’s available at a ton of places. Here’s some links if you didn’t have them before: Amazon.CA iTunes – Exclusive track (radio edit of Devil Cried, plus Digital booklet) – Exclusive second disc (DVD of VH1C’s Hangin’ With Heaven & Hell) – Regular version of […]

Whoa – Ronnie Dio quits, replaced with Ian Gillan!

Who would have thunk it? Check this story out I read tonight. Here’s the short of it. Ronnie Dio has quit, and Tony wants to fill the gig dates, so Heaven & Hell will be renamed again to “Born Again”, and the tour will carry on with Ian Gillan on vocals. As you probably have […]