WhoCares Full Album! [ UPDATED ]

UPDATE: The album can be pre-ordered now, see links below.  Still no official cover art yet, though. Last summer, Tony Iommi & Ian Gillan released a charity single to raise money for a music school in Armenia.  Click here if you want to refresh your memory about that.  The project did well, and there was […]

Geezer Thanks the Fans

Geezer just posted this short update on his website.  Here it is:

Congrats to Tony Iommi

Wanted to take a moment and say congrats to Tony Iommi for getting back up on stage tonight at the O2 in Birmingham. As I have a relative who went through the same cancer treatment he did for the same thing, I know what that does to you.   Kudos to him for getting back […]

Iommi Interview Wins Award

As some of you might remember, last November, Tony Iommi released his autobiography, “Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath”, and this site dispatched our intrepid reporter Damian to the sleepy little hamlet of Ridgewood, New Jersey to cover the signing.  Damian produced a three and a half minute video which had […]


A few weeks ago, I posted a Tony Iommi tribute video, and I was asked what the song on there was.   As was noted in the comments, the track is called “Miranha”, and it was recorded around 1990 during the time of the Tyr sessions.  It’s a track that was created for a compilation […]

Tony Iommi Issues a Health Update

Just a day or so after I posted my “non update update”, Tony Iommi goes and issues an update on his situation over on his own website.  Just posted tonight (or tomorrow morning in the UK), there’s this message from Tony, which sounds promising.  As someone who has had a family member go through the EXACT […]

A Tribute to Tony Iommi

Was going through some pictures last night, and got stuck on pictures of Tony Iommi.  To that, I decided to throw some of them together in a tribute video.  No particular reason, just thought it’d be something cool to do. I know the way the Internet works, some people will assume that because he’s having […]

A Non Update Update

I’ve seen a lot of posts and messages asking for some sort of update on Tony Iommi.  Some of them beliggerant – that he “owes” Sabbath fans an update.    Bah. I wanted to post this in response to all of that.  There is no update.  If you know anyone who has ever gone through […]

Bill Ward’s Tribute to Tony Iommi

This past Saturday was the most recent episode of “Rock 50” with Bill Ward.  Rock 50 is a show on college radio station WPMD in Cerritos, CA.  Once a month, Bill comes in and is the DJ, picks the tunes, and occasionally dispenses some nuggets from his past.  Most of the tunes he plays are […]

Geezer Speaks on Tony, New Album

This evening, Geezer Butler posted an update to his website, detailing some of the progress around the new album, as well as some remarks on Tony and his cancer diagnosis.  Check it out: Greetings Earth people,  Today [Jan19th] we got the engines back up and running @ Tony’s home studio. Far from being down and […]