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Deep Purple’s Rapture of the Deep – Win a free copy!

This is a Black Sabbath site, right? What am I doing talking about the 18th studio Deep Purple album? Well, it’s a damn good piece of music, and it comes out tomorrow. If you haven’t pre-ordered a copy, then good lord you should do so. This is a great album. This now marks the fourth […]

Another Tony Martin Update

Another day, another Tony Martin update. As the release of his new solo album gets closer, we get more and more updates. First up is some info I got from Tony directly. It concerns the Japanese release of “Scream“. I asked if the Japanese version of the album would have a unique track like so […]

Tony Martin’s Scream Update #2

Two days ago I brought you an update on Tony Martin’s Scream, his new album due out shortly. I’ve got another update for you, with some more information. This can truly be called a “solo” album, as Tony Martin himself plays most everything on it. Now it’s not all him, obviously, but a lot of […]

New Bill Ward Interview Online

There’s a new interview with Bill Ward online now. It’s with the website, and you should definitely check it out, as Bill talks about his career playing the drums and how it felt to be influenced by the blues growing up in Birmingham, England. Here’s a few quotes from the article: AAJ: At what […]

Tony Martin Update

We’ve got a good update about Tony Martin today over a few subjects. First is his new album, “Scream“, which is due out in the US/Canada on Nov 8th, and will be out in the UK on Nov 21st. This has been in the works for a very long time, and you’re about to get […]

Bill Ward’s 2005 Drum Kit Information

A small piece of information that drummers might be interested in. Bill Ward has posted the layout of his Black Sabbath 2005 drum kit online at his website. There is a diagram there from his drum tech with details of all the gear in his kit. Check it out!

Ronnie Dio, Tony Iommi, & the Future of Black Sabbath

There’s been much speculation recently online about Ronnie James Dio “rejoining” Black Sabbath. I haven’t said much about it because I wanted to get official word before I did. A week ago or so, I saw some posts online (including one on my own forums) which included this text: Ronnie James Dio is working with […]

Ozzy’s “Under Cover” album due out next Tuesday

Ozzy Osbourne has a new release out this coming Tuesday (in the US, it’s coming out Nov 21 in the UK). It’s called “Under Cover”, and is essentially Disc 4 of the Prince of Darkness set released on it’s own with a few other track changes. The version on Prince of Darkness has 10 tracks, […]