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Buy Cozy Powell’s Drums

Ran across this item tonight over on ebay. Apparently, someone is selling what they claim to be Cozy Powell’s drum kit when he was in Black Sabbath and Brian May’s band. You can view the auction here. I have no information as to the legitimicy of this auction, I’ll try and look into it, but […]

Psycho Man Video

The last full studio album Black Sabbath has released was 1995’s underrated Forbidden. However, the last studio output the band put out were the two tracks on 1998’s Reunion. These two tracks were titled “Selling My Soul”, and “Psycho Man”. Neither of these got a music video made for them, however that has changed now. […]

Bill Ward’s Radio Show Reruns

For awhile now, Bill Ward has been doing a monthly radio program out of WPMD (a college radio station at Cerritos College in California). This morning comes word that Bill Ward’s previous programs will be rerun in a special programming block.’s “alternative stream” presents a Bill Ward Marathon. Every “Rock 50” show that the […]

Tony Martin Update on “Scream”

I was pretty backlogged with email this past week, and neglected to get this online. It was sent to me by Tony Martin, and is an update on his solo album “Scream”, which was due to be released early in 2005. It’s been delayed a bit. Here’s what Tony has to say about it…

Paranoid up for Top Album of All-Time

The TV station Channel 4 in the UK is currently putting together a show about the 100 Greatest Albums of all time, and ‘Paranoid’ has been nominated. There are currently 125 albums on the Channel 4 website, which will be whittled down to the final 100. If you guys want Paranoid to make the cut, […]

LunarMile Gigs

Short note here. LunarMile, which is the band fronted by Tony Iommi’s daughter Toni-Marie, has some confirmed gigs on the Glenn Hughes tour on two of his UK dates: Friday 11th February – JBs, Dudley Tuesday 15th February, Mean Fiddler, London You can get more info about LunarMile at their website, and you can get […]

What are they up to now?

In all the years of Black Sabbath, there’s been a lot of folks that have been in the band in some capacity. There’s quite a few of them to keep track of, and it occurred to me during the month of December that I should take stock of everyone, and see what they’re all up […]

Black Box Promo Sampler CD

This past week, I was made available of something I didn’t know existed before. It’s a “Black Box Promo Sampler CD”. It’s basically something that appears to be not available for sale to the general public. It’s a really slick looking CD which has 8 songs on it. One each from each of the Ozzy […]

New News Format Now Online

Hey gang. Here’s a news update which is a little different. I’ve changed the news format. Previously, I had flat files with everything on one page, and when I wanted to break things off, I had to do it all by hand. Well, I went and have installed blogging software for me to keep the […]

Happy New Year – Sort of

I didn’t bother much with “Happy New Year”, because I as to bummed out over the loss of life in the Asian Tsunami disaster. As I wreot elsewhere online.. “Happy New year, eh? Not for everyone it isn’t. Hell of way to start the new year. I emphasize the word hell. ” I’ve donated some […]

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